4 Must Have Apps for Digital Nomads

If you are opting to become a digital nomad then there are a number of mobile apps that you must include in your go to list. These can not only help save you all important time and money it can also even save your life in the case of ar app design based rescue apps.


A stable and reliable internet connection is always not guaranteed. There may be moments when you have an all important meeting but can’t figure out a stable connection for the internet.

The Speedify mobile app not only acts as a VPN or virtual private network but also combines two connections together in order to supply a stable internet.

For example you can combine a hotspot tethered phone with wi-fi or merge two wi-fi hotspots. If you are in a very remote location you can also connect two phones with different carriers.

2.Time Buddy

In today’s globalized world online meetings across different time zones are now increasingly commonplace. With so many different time zones to manage, the Time Buddy mobile app helps you stay on top.

Especially if you are organizing a meeting and looking to appoint a start time the Time Buddy mobile app will help and suggest a time combination that makes it convenient for all team members to join from their respective locations.

3.XE Currency Convertor

Exchanging forgenn currency has long been a mixed bag for travellers with blackmarket money changers often offering higher than formal channels would. 

If you are a frequent traveller then the XE Currency Convertor mobile app helps you to simultaneously convert upto five currencies so you know exactly how much you are paying and what you will receive in return.

With global events constantly changing the economic landscape having real time knowledge of the latest exchange rates is possible with the easy to use XE Currency Convertor mobile app.


Each destination would have their own transportation mobile apps but Uber is very common across the world. Whatever part of the world you find your self in as a digital nomad you should download the most popular local transportation mobile app. 

This offers you the freedom to move around as you wish and also prevents you from being ripped off as the fares are usually regulated and there are also several safety features as well. Elegant Media is one of Australia’s most popular transportation mobile app developers.

Augmented reality app developers are always creating new and innovative mobile apps that help digital nomads to make the most of their travel experiences.