The 9kmovies website is uploaded as New Tamil and Kannada Movies. The website has also launched a new app.

9kmovies are less likely to know all about the website. Find out more about 9kmovies in this post. This will be very useful for you.

The 9movies website offers movies, Short movies, 300MB movies, and 3D movies. Apart from this, there are many new features.

This website offers movies for different languages. Download the movie in your favorite language.

You don’t have to search and download your favorite movie on the Internet. Easily find and download movies on this website.

This website contains songs besides movies. The songs of the movie are in all languages. But, it only uploads video songs.

9kmovies 2020 – Kannada, Hollywood Movies Download

9kmovies website has more movies in Kannada. There are other language films, and these language films are more than that.

9kmovies is expected to upload more films by 2020. Because, there are more movies uploading in 2018, and 2019.

Hollywood films have also been upload. English movies dubbed in the Kannada language. Via this, you can enjoy watching English movies.

Information about 9kmovie

9kmovie and 9kmovies are the same websites. Both websites have the same format. Of course, the owners of the two websites are not likely to be different.

The 9kmovie website does not upload songs. This site only uploads movies. Television series are uploading on this website.

The government advises no one to use these websites. But nobody appreciates this. Everyone downloads movies from similar websites.

9kmovies guru Link details

9kmovies guru is the new domain of this website. It started as a new domain after the Indian government banned the old domain.

This website has made several changes since the launch of the 9kmovies guru domain. This makes it easier to download movies.

This website did not upload songs before starting this domain. Since the launch of this domain, various new features have been added to the website.

What is the connection between 9kmovies and dvdvilla?

The only connection between these two websites is uploading movies. Both websites upload Kannada and Hollywood movies.

This site uploads a large number of movies. Because of this, the people of this website are highly sought after.

The two websites have the same design. This is why both websites are said to be the same. But the two websites have no connection.

9kmovies Alternative Sites

How to download Tamil movies in HD format on the 9kmovies website?

Downloading Movies on this website is not like other websites. Downloading movies is a little difficult. First, they won’t let you easily on their website.

Once they know some of your details, they will let you into their website. They will ask which movie you like. Then you have to tell them what format the movie should be.

Then they will send a link to download the movie using that link. Importantly, the link will only be in operation for 5 minutes.


In what format are films presented in the 9kmovies site?

This website uploads movies in various formats. They, 3GP, WEBM, MP4, and AVI. This website offers movies in many different formats.

Download movies on the 9kmovies website?

This website is working against the government. They upload movies and songs without any rights. So, using this website is wrong.


The 9kmovies website and our website tnexams have no affiliation. This post is for people’s awareness. So, Our website does not always support such websites.

Our website is totally against websites like 9kmovies. We advise you not to download songs from such sites.

Final thought

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