All things to know about Lace trim


Openwork fabrics like lace trim are utilised for delicate adornment rather than for standalone clothing. It is long and slender, like lace, but comes in a wide range of widths, often between 5 and 30 cm. Some lace trimmings have translucent tulle backgrounds while others have eyelash scalloped edges.

Others shine with beads, sequins, and crystals, while others are simple and subtle. A simple t-shirt and a bridal gown both look excellent with lace trim. Choose and purchase a lace trim for your unique project online!

Lace trim may add elegance to your favourite outfits and life to the evening gown you’ve always wanted to create. Look at a lace-trimmed tank top or a camisole if you have any notion how to wear it.

Shorts or leggings with lace trim can provide a playful and feminine touch to your ensemble. Like a tweed dress with guipure lace detail from oscar de la renta, play it safe. Or dare a silk satin robe with lace trim embellishment à la agent provocateur. Even audrey hepburn’s famous black lace mask from “how to steal a million” can be redone!

Different lace trims

As varied as lace itself are lace trimmings. Of course, different types of lace trim exist. Let’s begin with the most well-known:

Trims with chantilly. A chantilly lace trim is feminine and light, making it ideal for any style of clothing. Simply put, silk lingerie was made for black chantilly lace trims. Trims made of white chantilly lace can be used to adorn a wedding dress or a bridal veil. A backless evening gown is a prime example of a power item that would benefit from red chantilly lace trimming.

A floral pattern or a bouquet motif is superimposed over corded trims using a complementary or contrasting soutache cord. The raised patterns on corded lace trims are renowned for giving clothes a textured appearance.

A type of bobbin lace known as guipure trimmings is made out of interwoven elevated parts. They are typically employed to complete bodices, trains, or skirts. Guipure lace trims, which stand out for their thick outline, go well with materials like silk satin, tweed boucle, and cotton twill.

Trims with embroidery will make you stand out. Select from hand-embroidered trims that feature a wide variety of glass beads, sparkling bugles, and elegant swarovski crystals.

Typically, 100% cotton yarn is used to make macramé lace trimmings. Their uncomplicated, rustic patterns will be a powerful expression of your taste. 

The pinnacle of fashion trims are exclusive trims. The greatest imitation fur, trembling feathers, eye-catching designs, and hand-stitched embroidered trims.

Any area of the clothing can be given a refined touch with lace patches. Lyon lace décolleté patches provide a dramatic touch to your dress or blouse by resembling lace collars. On denim clothing, 10 cm-diameter floral patches look fantastic. Put them prominently on the sleeves, collars, and pockets.

Best lace trim manufacturers

Most lace trims are produced in italy or france. But there are exceptions to all fashion laws.

Pick lace trim that has a narrative. The white bustier dress worn by marilyn monroe was made of sophie hallette lace. The renowned french house was established in 1887 and was connected to all the illustrious 20th-century designers.

In search of opulent lace trims?

The sophie hallette-owned riechers marescot is your preferred option. It mixes an innovative and modern design with a century-old lacemaking heritage.

Take a look at the beautiful lace trims made by the renowned french lace producer solstiss. They identify as “dream weavers,” a group of committed producers who draw inspiration from everything.

Kawaii lace, an exclusive lace maker with its headquarters in tokyo, creates the most inventive lace trims. There aren’t many other reputable japanese cloth manufacturers offering classic european designs and superior quality.

Hoferhecht stickereien sells guipure lace trims. The well-known austrian firm hoh, according to its website, “stands for imaginative high-end embroideries, especially sequins.”


See gorgeous lace trims by, a high-end fabric producer headquartered, with charming flower themes.