atozmp3 – Hindi, Tamil Mp3 Songs Download Online

atozmp3 is a website that uploads songs. This website has all the songs from old songs to current releases. Songs uploaded to this website can be downloading for free.

Only Telugu language songs are uploading to this website. Songs for other languages like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Bengali are not available on this website.

Latest, Classic, Telugu, Ghazals, Indipop and Telugu Music is on this site. It will be very clear and audible to listen to music. This website is a great place to download mp3 songs.

Those who don’t like music in the world can’t be sure. The songs make all kinds of tragedies forget. Songs can be very helpful for someone to express their love.

This post will show you how to easily download such songs and music. This post will help you find popular mp3 songs, popular video songs, and ringtones and it is definitely helpful to get the latest Bengali, Bollywood, Latest Songs & Ringtones Collection.

Can atozmp3 Website Download Songs?

The atozmp3 website is the site for downloading songs. This website was banned by the Government of India. The reason was that the site offered all the songs for free. This atozmp3 website clearly uploaded songs in hd quality.

The website owners of the songs suffered greatly. They suffered huge losses. In addition, the atozmp3 website not only uploaded songs but also opened the app for it.

You can easily search for new songs through atozmp3 apps. This application is provided for devices such as Android and Apple. These apps can easily be viewed on phones and TVs anywhere.

Songs can be viewed online and offline through this app. This application may not work properly a few times a day. This application will make you lose patience.

How to download songs on the atozmp3 website?

Downloading songs on the atozmp3 website is very easy. Below we show you how to download songs on this website.

First, go to the atozmp3 website. Just select the language you want within that website. Then type the movie name of the song you want.

Choose your favorite song in this movie. You can choose either the quality of the song, 190KBPS or 320KBPS. After this is your favorite song download.

Details about atozmp3 app

The atozmp3 app tells us when each song is uploading. This way we can download favorite songs instantly.

The atozmp3 app has a separate category for your favorite actors and actresses. It will only contain your favorite songs.

via this app, you can download songs offline and listen to songs at your favorite times without the internet. This will not cause you any interruption.

App Name atozmp3 – Telugu New songs
Download Size 180Mb
Released On 12-Jan-2012
App Permissions Storage


Downloads 50k+

atozmp3 Information about new links

The atozmp3 website is often banned, so the website is working on new links. In this paragraph, we are going to know all the links of this website.

You can see full information on why old links on this website have been blocked and what changes have been made to the new links.

We have listed here all the links introduced to this website so far. We provide the details of these links in the next paragraphs.

1. atozmp3 co 4. atozmp3 com
2. atozmp3 net 5. atozmp3 Info
3. atozmp3 in 6. atozmp3 cc

Information about atozmp3 co link

The atozmp3 co Link is now in operation. The songs are not in this link as it was previously. Originally, songs from Malayalam movies were uploading to this website.

Malayalam songs have disappeared once this new link is made to the website. As a result, the Malayalam audience for this website is decreasing.

atozmp3 net Old link information

atozmp3 net link worked before the current link. This website link has been used by more people. This site link does not include any new features.

This link has uploaded more songs. This site link was banned because the song’s owners objected to this website.

atozmp3 in Link Details

This atozmp3 in the link is the main reason why this website is popular. With this link, the website attracted more fans.

There were a plethora of Malayalam songs on this website. It was only after this that the Malayalam songs were deleted.

Full info on atozmp3 com link

atozmp3 com link is the second link to this website. Songs have not been uploaded much in this link. Only a limited number of songs have been uploading.

It is worth noting that the atozmp3 com link operated for a short time. This link was disabled in 2 months. The songs in this link are unclear.

atozmp3 Alternatives Sites and App

There are many web sites on the internet that can Alternatives the atozmp3 website. All the facilities provided on this website are provided on a few other websites.

This website is full of songs and ringtones. Similar songs are posted on the other website. We also provide information about other websites.

This way you can choose which website is best for you and use that website. This can be very helpful for you.

atozmp3 illegal Alternatives Sites

atozmp3 website is an illegal website. This website uploads songs without permission. Similarly, many illegal websites are on the internet.

We are going to look at some illegal websites in this paragraph. You can download songs for free using these illegal websites.

Information about Isaimini

Like the atozmp3 website, the isaimini website uploads songs. All songs uploaded to this website are uploading without permission.

Only Tamil language songs are uploading on this website. The songs provided on this website are clear and of good quality.

atozmp3 website for Telugu people, as well as the Isaimini website for Tamil people. Like this website, isaimini is used by more people.

Songspk website details

The Songspk website is a site for uploading Hindi songs. All Hindi songs are available on this website. This is also a banned website.

Downloading songs on the absongs website is not easy. All the songs we need are available on this website. But, the ads hurt us.

djmaza mp3 songs download site

djmaza is the most popular website. Many songs have been uploading to this website. Also, songs are easily downloadable on this site.

The djmaza website has a separate category for each movie. This way you can easily find the songs in your movie.

Using any of the above websites is wrong. All websites are illegal websites. Downloading songs from these websites is legal.

Legal websites are also available on the Internet as an alternative to such websites. If you use such websites you will not have any problems.

atozmp3 legal Alternatives Sites

Below is a list of websites where you can legally download songs from producers. Using such websites and applications will not cause you any problems.

If you use websites like atozmp3 you are likely to encounter various problems. Through legal websites, you can listen to songs without any problems and advertisements.

Soundcloud Website Wiki

Songs on this Soundcloud website will be available for free on the Internet. You can only listen online. Songs cannot be downloading.

All language songs are available on this site. You can also upload songs that are not on this website If you want to upload more songs to this website you will have to pay for it.

wynk website details

You can’t be ignorant about the wynk website. This website is operated by Airtel. Songs can be heard for free on this website.

Advertisements are also high on this site. If you want to listen to songs without advertising, you will have to pay a certain amount.

If you are an Airtel user you can set the songs on this site to be a hello tune. Airtel also offers some offers to use this site.


The wynk website is owned by Airtel, as is the Saavn website by jio. The name of this website has been changed. The name Saavn has now been changed to jiosaavn.


1 Month(28 days) Rs.99

1 Year(365 days) Rs.399

Pricing for subscriptions via iTunes on iOS (The name jiosaavn is known by the name of iTunes for ios).

1 Month(28 days) Rs.119

1 Year(365 days) Rs.399

You will have to pay the above amount to hear the songs. Android users are charged less. You can’t download songs even if you pay the money.

Information about the gaana website

You can listen to the songs for free on the gaana website. The songs on this website are very clear. This website provides the quality songs you need.

Songs can be downloaded from this website offline and requested when needed. The songs are very clearly available in hd format.

You will have to pay 99 rupees to use the songs on this website without advertising. You can also download the songs you need for free.

Hungama songs website

All language songs in India are available on the Hungama website. You can choose the language you want and listen to songs.

This website has a separate application. You can easily listen to songs using the app. This is very helpful for android and ios users.

The Hungama website has a television series and short films. You pay 99 per month and use everything on this website.

Saregama Music Website Details

Saregama website is an alternative website to atozmp3. You can use this website freely. No more money has been purchased to use this website.

This website is full of devotional songs. There are other songs besides this. This website sells radio-like devices.

The songs on this site are available in 360mb format. Thus there are more people who download songs on this website.

Raaga Website Wiki

Raaga website and the gaana website are the same. You can listen to the songs for free on this website. The songs on this website are better than any other website.

The website has been running since 2006. Raga is an Indian music streaming service.

It offers songs in various languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Sanskrit and Carnatic music, Hindustani classical music.

Frequently Asked Questions About atozmp3

Which language songs are uploading most of the atozmp3 website?

Only Telugu songs are uploaded on this website. No other language songs have been uploaded on this site.

Atozmp3 website was launched in which year?

This website was launched in 2012. The website was banned in 2014 and has been inactive for 2 years. It is back in action from 2017.

Does the Atozmp3 website have a separate application?

There is a separate application for this website. This app can only be downloaded at the atozmp3 website.

What format does the Atozmp3 website offer?

Songs can be downloaded on this website in the formate of 190 Mbps and 360mbps.


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