Raipur: Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel held discussions with women self-help groups of ladies who produced greens there all through a go to village Borenda in Patan tehsil of Durg district presently. Observed the greens grown by the group. He moreover tasted radish.

In Brenda, he urged the women that you’ve put very beautiful Amari Bhaji. Ella sendwahu, mola Sekhar chutney appeared very good. Amari Bhaji’s flowers had been launched in by Sakel, Ikhar sorbet provided correctly. On this occasion, women provided a basket of perennial bitter gourd to the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister said that I will buy it. The women said that they have been ready to take motion alongside along with your initiative. The Chief Minister said no your arduous work they normally paid for it.

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