Do You Have To Go To Court For Your Los Angeles DUI Case?

Understanding the DUI laws in Los Angeles can be tricky. If you have been charged with a DUI and are wondering whether you need to go to a court hearing for your case, the answer is always yes. Whether the crime is considered a felony or a misdemeanor, you should never ignore a court date. 

Choosing not to go to court when required without a valid reason can lead to an arrest. You may end up facing additional criminal charges and even an arrest warrant. Coming to court can be a burden, but in LA, you should be present in court every time your case is held. To protect your rights and avoid making grave mistakes, speak to an attorney today. 

Do you have to go to court for your LA DUI case?

If you have been charged with a DUI, you will receive a citation that states the date and location of your appearance in court. Remember that this appearance is not optional but mandatory. You are legally required to be present at the court on the given date, or you may have to face several serious consequences. The biggest consequence is an arrest. 

Failure to appear in court shows that you do not respect the legal system. Failure to appear is in itself a criminal charge, so you will have two criminal charges if you do not go. The judge may even issue a bench warrant, which indicates that the criminal system wants you. Law enforcement officers can visit your home or workplace at any time and take you with them. 

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How serious are bench warrants?

Bench warrants are of an extremely serious nature and do not go away from your records for a long time. These will remain on your criminal history until the day it is resolved. Anyone who runs a background check on you can find out about it. You can avoid a bench warrant by simply attending court on the given date. 

It helps to retain and consult with an attorney before your court date. Many people do not show up in court when they are supposed to simply because they are scared. An attorney can build your defense and reduce the punishment if you failed to appear in court before. 

Remember that avoiding the court dates won’t make your criminal charges disappear. It is important to face your fears and resolve the issue once and for all instead of accumulating even more problems.