How To Download Instagram Live Videos, Story Highlights

There are many ways to easily download Instagram Live Videos and Story Highlights. There are three best ways to do it.

To upload Instagram Live Videos and Story Highlights to your Instagram account you must first download those videos.

This post will be very helpful for you. The instructions I give are very simple. Also, it will be very easy for you to understand.

Instagram Live Videos|Story Highlights

Read and understand the instructions I am going to give you. Let us know if you suspect any of these steps.

Simply download the video you need by following the three steps. And before you follow these steps you should know some information.

You can download Instagram Live videos anytime, anywhere. But you have to download Story Highlights in 24 hours, if not, you can’t download it.

Facebook and youtube videos can be downloaded just like this.

How do you download Instagram Live Videos and Story Highlights through apps?

You can download videos easily with two apps. We are going to see those two apps and how to download videos from them.

  • Videoder
  • Story Save


The first application is Videoder. This app is not available in google play store. You can download it on the Internet.

You can get this application if you search on google for videoder. Otherwise, you should use this link. You can download this app through this link.

We are going to see how to download videos in this application. Follow these steps carefully.

  • Download this app first.
  • Then select Instagram and open your account.
  • Then you have to choose your favorite video. The download link will appear under that video. Then you can select it and download it in your desired format.

2.Story Save

Story Highlights and Instagram Live Videos can be downloaded through the Story Save app. This is also a great application.

  • This app should open your account in the same way as the previous application.
  • The screen that appears is like the WhatsApp account.
  • You have to choose the Account you want.
  • Choose the feet or story in that account. Once you have selected your favorite video, you will see the download link above.

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How to download Instagram Live Videos by pc?

You can also download Instagram Live Videos through the chrome browser. Below I describe how to use it. You need to use chrome extensions for this.

  • Go to the chrome web store.
  • In the search box, search for IG Stories for Instagram.Then add the extensions that appear in your chrome browser.
  • Then a link to download will appear when you open your Instagram account and watch your favorite video.

Final words

You can easily download Instagram Live Videos and Story Highlights using these steps. Similarly, there are various ways to download videos. Also, please share this with your friends and relatives. 


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