Filmyzilla 2020 | Bollywood New Movies Download(Unblocked)

Filmyzilla is one of the popular websites for Bollywood’s new movies download. As like other movie websites, “Filmyzilla in” also changing its website name.

Most of the common topics sharing websites are using the “.com” website but Indian topics focused on websites are using .in extension.

I found that a lot of users are searching the website via “Filmyzilla .com Bollywood”. Most of the peoples are knowing the meaning for domain extensions but for newbie’s I have shared the explanation.

I don’t know why Google displaying only three pages for this keyword. The website receiving worldwide traffic but it receiving primary traffic from India.

Can Download New Bollywood Movies Through Filmyzilla Website?

I don’t know why peoples are much interested in movies? The official website currently using .date extension.

In this article, I am going to share the information about Why we need to avoid movie piracy websites and some other common thinking about the world.

Good and Bad are available everywhere. Some good movies also released and worst movies also released every day.

All of them are focusing only on money. Do you know? Cinema is an art. Don’t fool us by making masala movies to earn a good income.

I don’t know whether technology is boon or bane!

Masala movies spoil our culture. Every movie having bed scenes, kiss scenes, and etc. The Internet changed everything. After the announcement of Jio, the piracy websites receiving huge traffic than before.

How to download Bollywood movies filmyzilla website

You can download Bollywood movies on this website. Thus, new movies are easily available to the public.

You can download your favorite movie by visiting this website. First, check if your favorite movie is on this website. Likewise, if the movie is on the website, choose it.

Once you have selected the movie, you can choose the format you want. Then a link to download the movie will appear. Then, You can choose it and download the movie.

Website Name Filmyzilla
New Link
App Name Filmy zilla – New Movies Download
Installers 50k+

This website has other language movies like Bollywood movies. Below you will find how to download other language movies.

Download Hollywood Movies in filmyzilla Website

There are also Hollywood films on this website. Not many people use this website to download this Hollywood movie.

Most people use this website to download two language movies. They are Hindi and Punjabi. These two languages people use this website.

If you like this Hollywood movie you can download it on this website. The movie can also be downloaded as Bollywood.

How to download 2020 Punjabi movies by filmyzilla

People are downloading Punjabi movies on this website. Thus, you can download these language movies on this website.

This filmyzilla website has been uploaded to over 500 movies so far. As such, Punjabi people use this website a lot.

All the people are saying that the movies downloaded on this website are clear. Please let us know your thoughts after you download Punjabi movies on this website.

Filmyzilla Top 10 Competitive Websites Names

There are many websites that compete for this site. Other websites are uploading as many movies as this website. Below are 10 of the most important websites.

What are the languages of the movie uploaded on the Filmyzilla website?

Many language movies are uploaded on this website. Here we provide some of the most important languages.

  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
  • English
  • Bengali
  • Bhojpuri

Though films are uploaded in more languages, Hindi and Punjabi movies are being downloaded more and more.

Is Filmyzilla in Unblocked State?

I think some of them don’t know what is unblocked state? Let me explain When you can browse the website without any software the website on the unblocked state.

The advantage of the Filmyzilla website is it always stays on the unblocked state so as a user we don’t have to worry about blocking issues.

If you try to download Hindi movies from “Mp4moviez, or Tnmachi” then you need to use some software.

As far I know, Filmyzilla using High speed dedicated server so you can download Hindi movies in High speed.

It is hard to prevent our children’s learning bad habits on the Internet. There are some software and features available to prevent but the result is not 100%.

I really hate movie piracy websites because of Bad advertisements. The admin used Human emotion to earn money. Try to respect the hard work of the peoples. Don’t use silly methods to earn money.

Frequently Asked Questions About Filmyzilla

Can I download Hollywood movies from Filmy Zilla?

Please understand nowadays all movie piracy websites are started to sharing all movies which means Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood so you can download Hollywood movies on the Filmyzilla website.

Is it necessary to use a VPN for the Filmyzilla website?

Actually, when you can’t access the website then only you need to use VPN software. Otherwise no need to use the VPN software.

Filmyzilla website has been uploading films for which year?

The website has been uploading movies since 2015. This website has uploaded the best movies in 2018. Significantly, the website has made some changes in 2020.

Is it wrong to use the Filmyzilla website?

Yes, using this website is wrong. Not all movies on this website are uploaded with permission. This has affected the producers of the movie uploaded to this website.

Implications for users of this filmyzilla website

Using this website is legally illegal. You may also be harmed if you use this website. Your laptop or mobile virus may be infected when you download movies on this website.

2 lakh to 5 lakh penalties for travelers of these websites. Similarly, users who use this website are subject to many penalties. Do not use these websites as much as possible.


Please share your thoughts about Movie piracy and about the “Filmyzilla” website via the comment section. I love to hear thoughts from you guys. Okay, see you in the next article.