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Hoichoi 2020 is a pirated website where you can stream or download the latest Bengali movies for free.

If you have enough money to buy a legal subscription to online movie streaming services, then Hoichoi is a good option.

Also if you have time to watch it in a multiplex, anyone can download it at home and enjoy watching.

If anything is free, it will shake the market. As in this website. Everyone in the world is obsessed with movies because it is the greatest means of entertainment.

Users can download any movie on the website in just one click after selecting the category and movie.

Hoichoi Unlimited APK Info

Latest Bengali Movies, South Hindi Dubbed, and TV Shows. There are several categories on this website to download. Which you can download illegally.

Size 32 MB
Version 1.0.40
Developed By Hoichoi International
Language Bengali
Type Tv Show and Movies Download
Status Active
Original Release Date 19 July 2018
Customer Ratings 5 Star

We had no such technology in earlier times. Now we are slowly connecting with technology. Now, most people will use the Internet.

With this, many people keep searching for movies to download through the Internet. In this world of internet, there are many websites that allow downloading movies for free, which Hoichoi is one of them.

Hoichoi Web Series Product Categories

With the help of the description of this film, users can easily find out whether the movie is worth downloading.

  • Hoichoi web series
  • Largest Catalogue of Bengali Movies
  • Video downloader
  • English Subtitles
  • Multi-Device Capability
  • Unlimited HD Streaming
  • Multiple payment methods

Hoichoi Unlimited Movie

The website is a very popular Bengali movie downloading site like all other pirated movie sites. In this, you will get to download most Bengali movies online movies. Which you can easily download through the direct download link on the site.

The advantage of this is that you avoid downloading low-quality movies and you get the ease of downloading HD quality movies.

You will get more than one HD movie to download on this website Telegram channel. You can also watch movies online if you want.

Hoichoi Bengali Movie Free Download

You should be a little careful to download the movie from this website as this website is not a common website as their coding is done in such a way that all the details of the visitor go to the website as soon as they visit the website.


Not good for anyone, you can be hacked. After all your extensions are gone, there is no access to your mobile which may affect your privacy.

Alternative Movie Downloading Websites

If this stolen website is legitimate and illegal, then let me tell you that a stolen website in India is not valid, because it is theft of new movies, which is illegal in India, due to which the Government of India has made all such websites Has made.

Download Bengali Movie 2020 Categories

Bengali 2020 movie download website offers you a wide variety of categories that are found.

With the help of these categories, you can download your favorite movies. On this website, the categories are given as follows.

  • Bengali 300mb
  • Bengali 720p
  • 300mb Bengali
  • Bengali 720p

Watch Hoichoi Video Downloader

A video streaming app that is so cluttered and so cumbersome for people to find their content.

Sometimes I think I know that there is some material, but hell doesn’t appear anywhere, so somewhere with a lot of effort.

Being a Bengali, I think that is what we were waiting for. Although you had some good options in Amazon Prime subscription, it was not enough.

If you like Bengali movies and shows then Hoichoi is an ideal choice. Completely happy with this subscription service.

Watching Live Hoichoi Tv

Those who subscribe to Hoichoi to watch only Bengali movies on the big TV, please note that TV does not work.

Now they advertise that Hoichoi will also work on Amazon Stick. But the fact is that it also does not work with firearms.

I asked the Hoichoi technical team why it is not working in TV, and they admitted that some technical problem was currently going on and would be resolved soon. But it has been a long time and the problem still persists.

Hoichoi Free Subscription

Bengali language streaming service Hoichoi becomes one, it will start selling offline top-up cards to sell subscriptions. About 90% of Hoichoi’s audience flowed from service to non-urban areas, the company said.

Hoichoi will also produce new shows and new films for the stage next year, including a thriller by the provocative filmmaker.

Is it right to download movies from hoichoi?

If you really don’t know what a pirated film is? Then I want to tell you for information that there are many sites inside the internet, where piracy goes and what is the link to download the movie, this is where all pirated movies play.

Namely, incorrect images have been published in doing this and repeating many pirate films.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the website like hoichoi make money online?

When such websites do a lot for us to download movies for free, there can definitely be something behind it. Because nothing else will work for you in this way. And with these people also earn money and you also get a chance to download a movie for free.

What movies can be downloaded from hoichoi?

hoichoi is a website from which Bengali dubbed movies, TV shows, music, songs, videos can be downloaded for free.

Why is this website so popular?

Watch the latest HD Bangali movies and is one of the most popular movies downloading sites to download.

How to download a movie from hoichoi?

To visit the link https://www.hoichoi.tv/


The Hoichoi app is especially great for those of us who live abroad and have very limited scope to enjoy Bengali films. The organized category representing picture quality and different styles is noticeable as it helps the customer to easily scroll through the content and find out what they want to see.