How Can An Attorney Help A Student Deal With Disciplinary Infractions?

All children get into trouble once or twice because of their mischief. However, parents should be careful and see to it that their kids’ mischief does not exceed the limit. Your child goes to school every day, but you should be informed about the people they hang out with and their recent interests. The decisions your child makes in high school can impact their entire life. 

If your child is fighting a high school violation charge, it is in your and your child’s best interests to hire an education law attorney. If your child has broken a serious rule, they could be in grave trouble. You need legal assistance to ensure their future and rights are secured. An expert can protect your child’s future opportunities by clearing their record of negative remarks. 

What are the common violations that students face with severe consequences?

School rules and what they consider minor and major violations may vary from one institution to the other. However, the following infractions are considered serious in all high schools. 

  • Student assault
  • Teacher assault
  • Weapons at school
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Computer misuse 
  • Bullying
  • Cyberbullying
  • Drug and alcohol use

The consequences for minor charges may result in a warning or temporary suspension. However, these are serious charges which usually result in permanent expulsion and further criminal charges. The police will report you to law enforcement if they find you guilty of assault, drug use, etc. 

How can an attorney help with disciplinary infractions?

If your child has been accused of a major disciplinary infraction, they won’t be allowed to bring an attorney to school for the hearing. However, that does not mean they cannot hire one for an advisory role. You can contact an attorney and invite them to your place to sit and discuss the defense strategies. 

An attorney will be able to tell you whether it is a good option to plead guilty or fight the charges, depending on the consequences. An attorney can also: 

  • Help you gather evidence and witnesses to give statements in favor of your child. 
  • Review the facts of the case and tell you what is at stake. 
  • Help your child prepare an effective, strong, and genuine appeal. 
  • Help your child learn negotiation strategies to convince the school authorities to a lighter punishment. 
  • Review the school’s policies to ensure that they are acting within their rights and following the school’s as well as legal laws. 
  • Protect your child’s rights.