How does a student from another country switch from an F1 visa to a visa that lets them get a Green Card?

International students come to the United States for school with an F1 student visa. This is the most popular way for the students. Students are allowed to stay in the country with this visa only. They hold this visa while they are in school. They are not allowed to come back after that. The student must say they won’t stay permanently—this declaration they must provide during the application process. Read more about the F1 visa to Green card holding process in detail.

F1 students have the chance to apply for permanent residency:

This is how you can make this happen:

  • Your company needs to back you up

If you work while you’re in school, your boss may help you. He can pay for some of your school costs. Ask the company to file for a green card application. It happens to be an EB-2 or EB-3 employment-based green card application. You can request this where you work. You can do this for you and the company.

  • Ask a close family member who is doing well in the stock market for some money

You can work with anyone in your family business. But that person still needs to show that professionally. It needs to be shown they are hiring you for your skills.

  • If you join the military, you can do more for your country

To join the military, you usually need a green card. It can be some other type of job authorization that can be checked. One exception is if you have a degree from a recognized two-year college. This could let you join the military. You can work in certain high-demand jobs. It can happen if you don’t have a green card. Talk to a military recruiter If there is one at your college.

  • If you need help, Talk to your family

A parent may be able to support you. A child under 18 years old can also support you. This is for a green card. They have to be legally living in the U.S.

Why would a student outside their home country want to use a Forex card from that country?

They can buy things without having to worry about changing cash or other currencies. It can happen if they have a Forex card. This card happens to be made just for students. This is the student Forex Card you need. You will need if you are a student to study in another country. You can have it here. At the same time, most people are excited about the exciting adventure. It comes with learning abroad. Not many are ready for the stress. It often comes along with it. Students have more important issues to deal with. It is when it comes to handling their money. Some students might not naturally know how to manage their money. Because of this, a Forex card would probably work better for them.