How to choose a name for your restaurant?

You’ve just opened your new restaurant, and you’re eager to start taking orders. But before you can establish yourself in the community, you need a name. The question becomes: How do I choose a name for my restaurant? Nobody wants to go to a restaurant with a dull name and you for sure don’t want to name your restaurant something that will get you sued. This article will help shed light on the process of naming your place so that you can come up with interesting restaurant name ideas on your own:

  1. Use Unique Spelling or Symbols in Your Restaurant Name

While puns are an effective way to make your restaurant name memorable and unique, there are other ways that you can incorporate unusual spelling or symbols into your restaurant’s name without using puns such as using the & sign before you a restaurant or you can abbreviating words to form a new word or misspell a regular word that describes your restaurant or the food in it.

  1. Use Alliteration and Rhymes

Alliteration is a type of repetition in which the first consonant sound of each successive word in a series sounds the same as the first one. The most common examples are “happy” and “home,” but you can find all kinds of rhymes and alliterations for your restaurant name. The trick is to use alliteration in your restaurant name, but not in an obvious way that would be distracting or confusing to your customers. For example, if you want to name your restaurant “Snacks,” consider using it as a prefix like “Snacks Cafe” or even “Snack-Z.” However, if you’re looking for an alliterated combination that’s more unique, try coming up with something like “Bites & Brews.”Rhymes are similar in nature to alliteration, but they use different sounds. Rhymes are great if you want people to remember your name easily because they rhyme with other words that people already know.

  1. Incorporate Puns in Your Restaurant Name

Puns are one of the most effective ways to make your restaurant’s name memorable and unique. If you use puns, they will be more memorable than other types of names. Punny names can be difficult to remember, but they are also easier to remember than a normal word-based name because they have some kind of connection with the restaurant concept or food it serves. Punning is when you take two words and put them together, or vice versa, to form one new word that means something different than the original words.

For example, if you were looking for a restaurant that served chicken wings and you came across a place named “Chicken Wings” then you would probably not remember the name because it doesn’t seem like the kind of place that would serve chicken wings. However, if the restaurant was called “The Chicken Wingatory” then this name would be much more memorable because it has some sort of connection with the food it serves while still being catchy. Another example would be for example, if you have a Japanese-themed restaurant, you can incorporate “Z” words into your name such as “Zen” (or zen) or “Zenburger” (or zenburger). If you are trying to create a pun with an existing word, try adding “Burger” before or after it. For example, the McDonald’s burger is called The Big Mac, so instead of calling your food “The Big Mac Burger” you could call it The Big Mac Burgerz or The Big Mac Burgertini. Many other big brands also do this and one big example of it is domino’s. Next time you visit a domino’s franchise make sure to ask the manager how the company got its name and even uses it in its logo.