How to Find Guideline Value – TNREGINET Tamilnadu

Here we are Providing  How to Find Guideline Value – TNREGINET Tamilnadu. The Guideline value of the land is the estimated market value of the land, according to government records.

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First of all, let me say one thing: The Tamil Nadu government has launched the “Star 2.0” program, which aims to digitally develop government services. The Registration Department is under the STAR 2.0 program, so you can get certification and other registration services online.

What is the Guideline value and what is its purpose?

The guiding value of an asset plays an important role in the decision to purchase a property and its subsequent registration. The guidance helps the registration officer to find out the value of the property to avoid registration fees.

However, if the value of the guideline is unreasonable beyond the market value, such cases may be brought to the attention of the concerned District Registrar, Registration Inspector General and Inspector General of Registration.


How to Find Guideline Value – TNREGINET Tamilnadu

To find the guidance value for a property, visit the Tamil Nadu Registration Department website.

  1. Select Zone [மண்டலம்]
  2. Choose Sub Registrar Office [சார்பதிவாளர் அலுவலகம்]
  3. Next, Choose your village [கிராமம்]
  4. Select your street name [தெரு பெயர்] OR
  • Select your Survey Number [புல எண்] – guideline value for survey number

Then click the Submit button.


Finally, you get the guiding value you need. Just like the photo in the east, a page will open on your screen.


This will open a page like this on your screen if you have selected state land.

How do you find the guideline value?

To find the guiding value for your property, Visit the Registration Department website. Enter your details on that page.

What is Guidance Value and Market Value?

Guidance value is provided by the government. Market value is determined by market sentiment and often depends on how much the buyer is willing to pay.

How do you find the guideline value of the property?

The guideline value of the land represents the market value. The value of your land can only be accurately calculated by the government. So you can access the Registration Department website.

What is the market value of the property?

The market value of the asset is the price agreed by the willing buyer and seller to convert the property into a hand-held transaction. Stamp duty is levied on a ready-made calculation rate or contract price, whichever is higher.

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