How to Prepare For NID DAT?

Reading NIDs at several locations in India is one of the greatest dreams of many individuals. Applicants aspire to pursue their design courses in one of the most prestigious campuses of NID. However, getting a seat is the toughest objective. Applicants from several corners of India apply for the NID DAT exam every year. Not only fresher, dropouts who couldn’t clear also apply for the test. This improves the competition between aspirants. In such cases, achieving a seat becomes more monotonous.

Before pursuing the courses, candidates also have to appear the test in two stages. It includes preliminary and mains. Preliminary may be easy with MCQs, but main aspirants must upload compelling theme posters to grasp the evaluator’s attention. If you aspire for the NID DAT exam, you must brace yourself for a tough fight. Besides, your efforts and preparation approach can also help you achieve your objectives. So, in this editorial, you will learn about the latest preparation tips for your NID DAT exams.

Preparation tips for NID DAT exams 2022

NID DAT is a prevalent entrance exam. It demands the best efforts and NID preparation from applicants to offer them seats. Apart from strong determination, some working tips aid you in the long run. Below, you will learn about such tricks and tips to enhance your preparations.

Know the exam pattern

Your preparation starts when you are completely aware of the exam pattern and syllabus. Without knowing your exam pattern and syllabus, you cannot even plan for your prep routine and timeline. So, as an introductory step, you need to acknowledge your NID exam pattern. Besides, knowledge about your exam pattern also aids you in visualizing how you would start answering your paper.  

The prelims exam pattern for the NID DAT exam is as follows:

In prelims, you get two sections named objective and subjective. The objective section offers you 30 marks of questions, and the objective question offers questions worth 70 marks. Usually, the questions in the subjective sections are more complex and take most of your effort.

Knowledge about the marking scheme 

The marking scheme is the subsequent most imperative thing to contemplate. The marking scheme allows you to decide which section do you need to answer first and which section later. As per the NID DAT, the questions in the prelims exam come in two sections. Section A includes 22 questions. At the same time, section B includes four questions. Similarly, section A is objective, and B is subjective.

The marking scheme in section A is as follows:

  • Question number 1-14 carries one mark each
  • Question number 15-22 includes two marks each

In section B marking the mark for every question is as follows:

  • Question 23-15 marks
  • Question 24-20 marks
  • Question 25-15 marks
  • Question 26-20 marks

There is no minus marking in the prelims exams. You can easily answer questions but make sure you answer right.

Knowing about the mark will help you decide which part of your question needs in-depth reading and effort. You can also formulate your own strategy after knowing about the marking scheme.

Making a timetable and schedule to read

The next thing you require is to create a timetable for your entrance exam. Plan it wisely to achieve Excellency if you endow your complete day or even a fragment of day. You should create a daily, weekly, and monthly routine. A daily routine will allow you to prepare and give regular time to your syllabus. 

In the monthly routine, you must focus on revisions and mock tests. Once a month, you can analyze your proceeding with self-testing and mock tests. A weekly routine helps you look over the part of the syllabus that you have completed. This helps you ensure that everything you are reading stays in your mind.

Practice the question paper from past years

This is the most efficient tip that will always work for you from all the tips. Answering the past year’s question paper will always get acquainted with the difficulty level. You can also develop an idea on sections and portions of the syllabus having more questions. Practicing from previous year’s question papers also let you develop efficiency in time management. Apart from past-year questions, it would also help solve NID mocks available on several online platforms.


Keeping it concise, these are the top tips to help you give your best shot in the NID DAT exam. Now that you know your preparation guide improve your prep by utilizing these tips.