Importance of English speaking skills for students 

“One language sets you in a corridor of life. Two languages open every door along the way.” – Frank Smith. 

English is a language that is highly used and spoken globally. Other than learning English as an academic subject, effective speaking skills of this language are equally important.  To properly communicate, attain greater jobs, travel across the world, and study effectively, good English speaking skills are very important. Learning any language cannot be achieved in a single day. Therefore students must practice this from the right time every day. 

Why are English skills important? 

  1. English is a very versatile language and is used much in professional and economic sectors in the world. A person who has good English skills can also communicate in this language effectively. This means English speaking skills open more employment and job opportunities for people. The chances of recruitment and hiring are improved to a great extent for the learners who are fluent English speakers. 
  2. English is one of the primary languages which is spoken in most countries. The students who can speak another language are found to be more confident and optimistic in their lives. When a student can understand, listen and interact with other English speakers, his or her confidence is boosted and this motivates them to improvise their skills. 
  3. Today with the growing technology, the world is digital, and every minor detail is also available on the Internet. The most commonly used language on the internet is English. The students who understand this language have better access to the information and content functional, digitally. Therefore a traditional classroom, as well as online classes, must teach this language to the students. 
  4. Many students dream of studying abroad. For higher education and degrees, many students want to travel to different countries and get admission to their desired colleges. Most of the countries have schools and colleges where English is commonly used.  With good English speaking skills, studying and learning all over the world becomes quite achievable. 
  5. English is a very helpful language for people who want to carry businesses and international dealings. Countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada are well known for businesses. For the students who want to start online entrepreneurship and business, they should also have a good command of this language. Dealing with clients, interacting, and managing all the work becomes easy via this process.

How to improve your English speaking skills: tips for students 

Focus on your vocabulary 

Focusing on vocabulary is very important and all students for improving their speaking skills must learn new words, phrases, idioms, etc on an everyday basis. Any language cannot be learned in a single day. With constant efforts and consistency, students can develop command of their effective English speaking skills. In this regard, learners should read a few new words daily. Taking a huge number altogether is difficult to manage therefore students should pick five to seven words daily. You can use any online education app, or novels, newspapers, etc to find new words. Students can make a separate notebook for this. Also, all should try to use the learned vocabulary in speaking as much as possible.  

Practice self-talking 

To enhance their English speaking skills, students must practice the technique of self-talking. Talking to oneself can be a great idea to have smooth interactions with others. In this case, fear of being judged is absent and chances of finding and improving mistakes are quite high. Stand in front of a mirror and talk randomly or on any specific topic of yourself. Students can also record themselves and listen to the recorded audios and videos to see and check their fluency, clarity, and pronunciations. 

Participate in classes 

For participation and engagement in classes, we use a language. The most commonly used language in any classroom is English. By getting involved in class discussions, and interactions you will use English more and more. Constant usage surely increases the confidence of a student. With a better confidence level, students are motivated to perform better and speak efficiently. Also don’t miss any chance of participating in speaking events such as recitations, debates, drama, storytelling, etc. 

Use technical aids 

With the growing technology and advancements in science, there are new launches of software and applications every single day. Students should also use the technical tools available to improve their English speaking skills. Among the numerous options, students can choose any online education app as per their choices. These apps provide you with access to ebooks, dictionaries, quizzes, comprehension paragraphs, and much more. All these practices help students to know more about this language. 

Listening and repeating 

Actively listening to other English speakers to improve their existing skills is a very important technique that all students should do. When teachers speak and converse in class, listen to how they are speaking, focus on their words, and tone. Also, on the internet and youtube, several videos of English conversations are available. Students can listen to these recorded audios, videos, and podcasts. Listen, pause and repeat to learn attractive vocabulary and words. 


From the above-mentioned information, we get to know about the importance of the English language and its speaking skills. To achieve this goal, we also read about very effective techniques that students can adapt and practice in their learning schedules. Other than this, students must remember that learning a second language requires consistency, regular practice, and patience. Follow these right approaches to enhance your English speaking skills.