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isaimini website is a website that offers Tamil movies. You can download and use all the Tamil movies in it. It is also the most popular website for the people of Tamil Nadu.

There is a website “moviesda” similar to the isaimini website. Both websites are operated by one person. I do not need to give a description of this website to the people of Tamil Nadu.

They are familiar with these two websites. I have made this post for a few people who are not aware of this site. This will help them.

Here upload new Tamil movies and MP3 songs frequently. Also, many changes are being made to the website. This is the reason for peoples love the Isai website. isaimini has launched a new website, isaidub.

I hope this isaidub website will be as popular as the isaimini site. This is because the website is dubbed and uploaded in Tamil.

Do you know? uses the “Tamilyogi and Tamilrockers” names to promote their website. It is also known by other names.

In this article, I am going to share some useful information about this website. I have decided to write about this topic because a lot of peoples are using the website without awareness.

How to 2020 movies download Online

This post will definitely present many problems to people. Everyone should be aware that this site is a piracy website.

I created this section for those peoples who don’t know about this website. Also, Isaimini is a website that provides Tamil Movies, MP3 Songs, Video Songs in an illegal way.

In the table below, I have shared some important details about the website. Read Clearly this table after all

[table id=9 /]

This website has many different categories. It provides movies in the below categories. Those are,

  • Tamil 2019 Movies
  • Tamil movies 2018 download
  • Movies Collection(Tamil)
  • MP3 Songs(Tamil)
  • Video Songs(Tamil)
  • A To Z Dubbed Movies
  • HD Movies
  • Hollywood Movies

All these categories are come under “Kollywood”. Frontpage of this website looks like the below image. Also, The specialty of the website is you can download Tamil movies in HD format with clear audio.

Did you notice the website design? I have shared the screenshot from the desktop but the design looks like the mobile. Features of this Design

  1. Mobile Friendly
  2. User-Friendly
  3. Easy to Use

Isaimini Tamilrockers 2020 Relationship

Not like the isaimini moviesda website, tamilrockers has no link to the isaimini website.Also, like the tamilrockers website, isaimini is just a piracy website. No other kind of connection.

Most of them have this doubt that is What is the relationship between Isai mini and Tamilrockers. We have already known that Tamilrockers is a famous movie piracy website in Kollywood.

Most of the piracy websites such as Tamilgun, Moviezwap, Rdxhd, and Tamilyogi download the movies from Tamilrockers and upload them to their servers.

Isai mini also does the same that’s why peoples are searching for Isaimini Tamilrockers via google. Do you know? There are piracy websites found for Bollywood too. Those are,

Moviesda Website Details – isaimini godzilla vs kong

The moviesda website and the isaimini website are one. The name of the websites is different. Everyone knows that isai mini is the website for the song.

In the name of isai mini, they started a website called Moviesda, thinking it would be confusing if they uploaded movies to the website.

isaimini and moviesda Both websites work in parallel. Thus, the moviesda website has not reached people yet.

How to download Tamil Movies from Moviesda?

To download Tamil movies from the moviesda website follow the steps I have mentioned below.

  1. Find the Official Website of Moviesda
  2. Select the category
  3. Find out the movie
  4. Click the original download button

You have to be careful because this website showing advertisement which means you can be redirected to another website via the fake download button.

If you don’t know about the Adblocker then I suggest you to Google about “Adblocker Extension”. It will hide the fake download button from the website which very useful for you, right?

The disadvantage of the website is you can’t watch movies online. You have to download it.

isaimini Telugu movies 2020 download

The isaimini website prefers the Telugu language next to the Tamil language. There are also films and songs released by 2020 in Telugu.

Songs have been uploaded more in 2018, and 2019 than in previous years. Downloading songs on this website is easy. Thus, Telugu fans are increasingly using the website.

Only Tamil movies are not uploaded on this site. It is also uploaded in Telugu. isaimini also uploads Telugu movies. Along with that, it also uploads Telugu songs.

Isaimini Provides

The website also offers some other than movies. They are given below

  1. Tamil Dubbed Movies
  2. Songs Lines [Lyrics]
  3. Tamil HD Trailers
  4. HD Videos
  5. Tamil Mobile Movies
  6. Ringtones
  7. Tamil Mp3 Songs

more people use the isaimini website. This website makes it easy to download movies like no other website. Course, you like it. In other words, this website is unique.

isaimini Songs 2020 Download

Apart from movies, songs can also be downloaded here. If you click on MP3 songs here, a screen for downloading songs will appear.

It will feature songs from newly released films. Also, There will also be short movie songs. You can choose and download your favorite movie.

If you don’t have your favorite songs here you can listen to the website owner. The website also provides details on these songs.

Isaimini New Movies Download Here

  • isaimini godzilla vs kong
  • karnan movie
  • master movie
  • bigil movie
  • sultan movie

isaimini Tamil dubbed movies(Dub)

As mentioned earlier in this post, dub movies are uploaded through the new website isaidub. This isaimini website only uploads music and movie mp3 songs.

Dubbed movies are uploaded to the isaidub website, just like uploading new movies on moviesda.

However, no dubbed movies uploaded under the name of isaimini dub. You must access the isaidub website to get dubbed movies.

Frequently Asked Question About Isaimini

How to download movies from Isai mini?

Downloading movies from this site is very easy. So, you need to find the movie or other videos you want to download. Click on the appropriate download button as there are duplicate buttons via ads.

Why Isai mini is not working?

This is because the government banned this website from sharing copyrighted content without permission. use this site you need to use a VPN.

How to unblock Moviesda?

It’s so easy to get out of control. Use the US or any other country’s proxy on your computer or Android. Also, if you know how to use such things, you may have problems.

Isaimini tamilrockers Relationship

isaimini website and tamilrockers website upload more movies. The tamilrockers website is bigger than the isaimini website. Also, These two websites have no affiliation.

Moviesda Whose website?

moviesda website is the uploading site for movies. The owner of the website and the owner of the Isamini website are the same.

Download songs from the isai mini website?

Downloading songs is just as wrong as downloading movies. So, downloading movies on such websites is very wrong.

Is It Safe To Download Content From Movieda?

No, the use of Movieda is not safe because this website is illegal and law can punish users of this website. While the site appears to be legitimate and offers a variety of interesting content, there have been reports of malware being distributed through its pages. Therefore, it would wisdom to take precautions and make sure that any downloaded files are virus-free before using them Instead of using this torrent platform, users should choose for some other legal websites to keep protected from these issues.



I created this article to create awareness about Piracy. So, I request my readers to watch movies in Theatres. Watching or Downloading movies from illegal sources is against Indian Law.

You may get arrest by the Cybercrime Police. We are not responsible for anything happened to you. I feel very bad because of Kollywood actors. Yeah, I found a lot of videos about Anti-Piracy on youtube. Most of the Bollywood actors requested their fans to avoid piracy via video.

For example, I have shared the Bollywood actor “Varun Dhawan” video speech about Piracy. If Kollywood actors request their fans like this there may be chances to reduce the piracy.

Final Thoughts

Do not download isaimini songs and isaimini movies on this website. Because It is illegal to use the “isaimini” and “Moviesda” websites.

I request you to avoid these websites. Instead of this website, you can watch movies on apps like “Hotstar”. Refer to the Wikipedia article about Piracy.

I hope this article helps you. So, If you have any doubts regarding this topic please let me know via comments. I glad to help you. Share this article with your friends to prevent them from illegal activities.