Last-Minute Study Hacks 

Are you one of those students who decide to do well from the next term and end up procrastinating till exams arrive? If yes, then you’re not alone pal! Most students face this situation and whine about how to complete the syllabus a few days before exams. They panic and lose hope. Here comes the role of ‘smart work’. You must know those students who study a night or two before exams and still manage to get decent grades. They might be using some last-minute study hacks. We’ll discuss some of those hacks that might work for you. 

Make a quick strategy 

Whether you are studying at school, college, or online course platform, making a good study plan before exams can be helpful. You can also analyze previous year’s questions, write down the topics from which questions come frequently, and prepare those important topics first. This can help you pass the subject but if you want to get good grades, you must maintain class notes every day. No one can complete the full syllabus a few days before exams. So, make a strategic plan and compress your syllabus. 

Use flashcards for last-minute revision 

If you struggle with remembering so many facts and figures about a topic, you should note down the important points on cards. Then it will be easier for you to do last-minute revisions. Flashcards help you remember many things in a compressed form. It is the tried and tested method that helps you remember important topics last minute. 

Try audio or video lectures to understand a topic

Most people can easily learn through audio or video lectures on the topic. When the last-minute panic hits you before exams, you cannot read textbooks with concentration. There are so many audio recordings and short video tutorials on every topic, you can take help from there. So, when the same topic comes in the exam, you can visualize or hear the lecture you learned. Nowadays many educators sell their courses of recorded lectures and notes online. You can take help from those online courses too. If you are good at teaching anything, you can also sell courses. Many guides are there on the internet about how to sell courses online

Movement is important 

Sitting continuously with textbooks and being lost in thoughts won’t help you clear the exams. So, moving your body and doing stretching after every hour will help you gain focus. Also, make sure to do exercises that improve blood circulation like aerobics. Exercising and moving your body help you remain active for a day. 

Taking short breaks 

Taking consistent breaks is equally important as consistent studies. But, sadly, students avoid both. Go for a snack break or listen to music after an hour of studying, and you’ll see that you can retain things better. You should know that human beings have a short span of concentration, half an hour at most. So, taking hourly breaks is necessary for focused learning. 

Watch what you eat

Eating unhealthy food during exams can cost you a lot. You need a good health condition to study and understand at the last minute. So, including more fruits and vegetables in your diet can greatly help you remain fit during exam season. If you are taking a short snack break, then eat bananas and dry fruits. Bananas can give you instant energy and it is rich in potassium. 

Limit distractions 

It is not possible to completely sign off from social media and other distractions for students. But, you can try limiting those distractions at least around exam times. You can rather set a fixed time to check your social media or other apps. Also, choose the time when you are most focused on your studies. Some students can concentrate in the morning while others do in the evening. So, adjust the timing of studies accordingly to get maximum output. 

A night before the exam is important 

Your body and mind should be in the proper condition the night before the exam for better performance. So, pack your bag, keep important documents, and sleep on time to avoid the morning rush. Avoid touching new topics the night before and revise from short notes or flashcards you prepared.

To understand what works for you the best, you should try all these last-minute study hacks. But, nothing can indeed beat consistent studies. These hacks can only help you pass the exams. You should develop the habit of studying every day to score well in the exam.