Moviesbaba Bollywood, Hollywood Web Series HD(Moviespapa) website can also be called Moviespapa. Television and Internet series are upload to this website.

Who watch different episodes follow this website. All series in English and Hindi are available here. This website has too many web series.


Movies have also been upload to this website. But there are fewer films. This website is not suitable for those who love movies.

We have provided all the information on this website. Continue reading this post. If you know anything about this website please share your thoughts.

Moviesbaba Bollywood, Hollywood Web Series HD – Moviebaba 2020

Moviesbaba is a website that uploads Bollywood and Hollywood movies and series. This website uploads web serials just like any other website.

The website also provides a video explaining how to download movies and series. Using this you can easily download the required series.


This website offers all the biggboss series in Hindi. There are also 18+ web series on this website. If you follow this website through your email id, moviesbaba will notify you by email of all the information uploaded to this website.

Moviespapa Website Details

The Moviespapa website is also part of this website. But the website uploads a large number of movies. Web serials are less on this site.

Importantly, the site has English, Hindi, and Pakistani movies. Most films are upload in these languages ​​but specific films are upload in Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu.

Can I use the domain?

This website is launched through But this domain is banned by the government. Everything on this website is uploaded against the law.

It is noteworthy that uploading films without any authorization is against the law. Like uploading movies on this website, Downloading is also wrong. is no longer functional. There are many websites that can replace this. At times, those websites can also be ban. link Wiki website is now banned. This website operates with a different domain name. We do not provide any information about the name of that website on our website.

The site also has a website called, similar to Moviespapa. Although these websites are banned, accounts are opened in multiple names.

Moviesbaba Bollywood Movies

Some Hindi movies have been upload on Moviesbaba website. Not too many movies uploaded. You can easily download your favorite movies on this website.

There are more ads on this website than movies. This can cause a few interruptions when downloading movies.

Movies like Bestwap, Klwap, Bolly4u, and Khatrimaza are uploaded more than this website.

Jai mummy di Movie Download

The film begins in a very humorous fashion, where two families living in Delhi live nearby, but there is a lot of feud between them. In college, Pinky (Poonam Dhillon) and Lali (Supriya Pathak) may have been close friends, but now the two look at each other like a cat.

Pinki and Lali have no idea that their children Punit Khanna (Sunny Singh) and Sanjay Palla (Sonali Segal) have been in love with each other for a long time. The twist of the story comes when Sanjay proposes to marry but is unable to say yes.

Is Hindi Movies Uploaded on Moviesbaba Website?

Yes, Hindi Movies are uploaded to Moviesbaba website. But, fewer pictures are uploaded. Only movies of the main cast are uploaded.

Download movies on this Moviesbaba website?

Downloading movies on such websites is wrong. Movies can be downloaded on websites like ZEE5 and Hotstar.

Movies should not be download on such websites. Our website does not always support these websites. This post is aimed at raising public awareness. We advise you not to download movies from such websites.

Final remarks

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