Moviescounter rocks – Tamil Dubbed, Movies Download (2020)

Movies counter presents “Dual Audio”. As for media that gives you the option to listen to audio from two different languages. This website is launching a new name as Moviescounter rocks.

This will benefit different people who speak two languages. The website offers many similar features. We will continue to highlight important features.

Downloading movies on these websites is easy and fast. It is better than other websites. Different language movies can be downloaded through these websites.

The Movies counter website has new features by 2020. The Movies counter website has new features by 2020.

You can search and download the movies you need. This website may not work sometimes because it is banned. Similarly, movies uploading websites such as isaimini, isaidub, and Playtamil are banned.

Moviescounter Dual Audio Dubbed Movies HD – Movies Counter

Moviescounter website is used by a large number of Hindi speaking people. This website uploads TV series, sad movies, Bollywood, Hollywood, and Punjabi movies.

In addition, Dual Audio offers movies. In the titles below we will discuss what forms this Dual Audio offers. It is worth noting that this is useful for everyone.

The operators of this website have mentioned how to download movies on this website. You can download movies using it.

This website uploads movies from November 2018. But it has also uploaded the films before it. So far this website has uploaded 794 movies.

Dual Audio Movies

As for the media that prefer to listen to audio from two different languages. This website is provided by Dual Audio in English and Hindi. The website provides us with Dual Audio in 300mb, 720p, and 1080p formats.

All movies uploaded to this website are like Dual Audio. Dual Audio also has Telugu movies in addition to English and Hindi.

Not all TV series are offered on Dual Audio. Movies are only available on Dual Audio. Some South Indian movies have been uploading to this site.

Moviescounter com New Link Details

This website was launched through the domain of moviescounter com. It is through this domain that the website became popular.

It is important to note that this domain is no longer in use. This Domain is blocked by the government. This website has released a new domain to replace this domain. People are using that domain now.

MoviesCounter HD Movies Free

This website offers movies in a variety of formats. The most important of the formate is HD. It is provided by this website.

This website offers this hd format movie for free. This way you can download all the movies for free. It is definitely useful for you.

It is noteworthy that no website offers like this one. Fake accounts have been launched on the website under the name moviescounter. Select the right website and download movies.

Moviescounter 2019 Movies Download

The website has uploaded more movies in 2019 than any other year, And by 2019 more people will be using this website.

14500 people have requested to upload their favorite movies to the website owner. All those movies have been uploading.

MoviesCounter Latest Movies List

Some of the latest movies have been upload on this website. Hindi and Telugu films are very popular. Listed below are important movies.

  • Code 8
  • The Great War
  • The Stolen Princess
  • Godha
  • Aata
  • The Addams Family

Code 8

Code 8 In a world where 4% of people are born with different supernatural abilities, but instead of being millionaires or superheroes, they face discrimination and live in poverty and often seek crime.

Connor Reed (Robbie Amell), a power-driven teenager, is having trouble paying for the health care of his ailing mother (Carrie Matchett).

Connor, who is struggling to make enough money as a day laborer, is drawn to a lucrative criminal world, with Garrett (Stephen Amell) working with Lincoln’s ruling drug lord Marcus Sutcliffe (Greg Brick).


The film begins with a scene in a movie theater’s projector room, from which Seshagiri (Sarath Babu) screens the film. His son Sri Krishna (Siddhartha) grows up watching all the films screened by his father in that theater.

He develops an obsession over the different heroic characters in the films and feels like doing something good for society and for the heroes.

Difference between Movies Counter and Fmovies?

Both of these websites are movies uploading websites. fmovies website is better than this.fmovies website uploads all language movies. However, Movies Counter uploads Hindi and Telugu movies as well.

What are the Features of MoviesCounter Website?

Movies Counter website has many highlights. Dual Audio offers movies in great Formate. Through this, you can see movies clearly.

Final Thoughts

It is illegal to use the “Movies Counter”, and “MoviesCounter” website. I request you to avoid these websites. Instead of this website, you can watch movies on apps like “Hotstar”. Refer to the Wikipedia article about Piracy.