Moviesda 2020 – Movies Download Online HD(Tamilrockers)

The domain is in operation. But this domain can be banned anytime. It is also noteworthy that Tamil and Malayalam films are more prevalent in this domain.

Do you know about the Isaimini website? If you are familiar with the isaimini website, you are definitely familiar with the moviesda website. Yes, both websites operate under the same leadership.

This website has been calling “mymoviesda” for a few days. But it is noteworthy that no changes have been made to the website.

You can easily download Tamil hd movies and new movies here. Also, this website uploads movies for 2018 and 2019.

There are two main domains of this website. They are and Also, more and more movies are uploading in these two domains.

The website can be reached using the website This is one of the highlights of this website. Movies da uploads nothing but movies on the website.

How to download 2020 movies on Moviesda website?

The website updates Tamil movies daily. Uploads a new movie daily. All the movies you need are definitely on this website.

The website also uploads movies on Single Part. There is no need to download movies as separate parts. Movies are also uploading in Malayalam languages like Tamil languages. This website includes Cartoon movies.

Movies da Website Details

This website has uploaded all the important movies from 2012 to 2020. Movies da website uploads more movies in 2018 and 2019. Also, It is worth noting that there are English films.

This website uploads action films, comedies, romantic films, rom-coms, adventure films, musicals, dramas, etc.

Tamilrockers vs Moviesda Compare

There will be no people who don’t know about the tamilrockers website. This website uploads all language movies. Thus all people know about this website.

It was only after the arrival of the Tamilrockers website that such a website began to evolve. The website, which only uploaded movies in Tamil language, now uploads movies in all languages.

You can download all the language movies you need here. It is important to note that you can upload movies on this website.

Moviesda isaimini 2020 Movies Download

The new website, titled moviesda isaimini, is set to be launched in 2020. Work on adding new features to this website is ongoing.

It is important to note that this website is made up of moviesda and isaimini website. So this website is named movies da isaimini.

Moviesda .com 2019 Dubbed Movies Wiki

All the movies for 2019 were when moviesda .com was in operation. But not all films for 2019 are in the new domain.

All the Tamil dubbed movies of 2019 are in this new domain. This website is the perfect choice for downloading dubbed movies.

All the films released in 2019 languages ​​other than Tamil are included in this website. Fans of the Internet want to upload Tamil language films of the year.

How to download Tamil movies on the moviesda website?

I have already said that there are more Tamil movies on the moviesda website. But I am not giving information on how to download movies on this site.

Before you download movies on this website you should know how to find movies on this website. Finding a movie on this website is a very difficult task.

If you want to find a movie on this website you must know the year of release of the movie. So, This movie can be found only by the year.

If you have found the movie, downloading is very simple. Once the movie is selected and the download link is selected, the movie is download.

What are the features of alternative websites for moviesda?

It is true that there are no alternative websites like moviesda. However, these alternative websites and features may help us if the moviesda website is not working.

Moviesda Telugu Movies Details

Telugu movies are also uploading on the website. The movies uploaded to this website are clear. This website is simpler to use than other websites.

Movies and songs can be add to this website. Also, TV shows can be uploading. Like the isaimini and moviesda website, the website can be strictly banned by the government.

isaimini vs moviesda

These two websites are managed by one person. isaimini website uploads mp3 songs. Moviesda website uploads movies.

In what formate does the moviesda website upload movies?

This website uploads movies in Mp4, Mp4 HD, and Full HD.

Do the Movies da website also have TV series?

No. This website contains only movies. The website is launching a new website and plans to upload TV series.

How to unblock the movies da website?

Using this website is wrong. If you absolutely want to use this website, Also you can use the website using the VPN app.

New link to movies da website

Although the government has blocked many links to this website, the website is still working on many new links. Sharing those links is totally wrong.


This website and our website have no affiliation. We do not share any movies in this post. This is a public awareness campaign. We urge people not to download movies on this website.

Final remarks

This post will be very simple. This will make it easier for you to read. Information about the moviesda website is provided here. Also, please share this post with everyone.