Geneva-based NGO UN Watch fiercely centered on Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan‘s suggestions and Pakistan’s inclusion throughout the UN Human Rights Council. The NGO said that Pakistan’s presence throughout the UN Human Rights Council is unbearable.

In accordance with UN Watch, an UN-recognized watchdog, circumstances of discrimination, minority communal violence and compelled conversions with minorities in Pakistan proceed to come back again up. Pakistan has the worst human rights doc on the planet. As nicely, the NGO strongly criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan’s remarks on the incident of beheading an teacher in Paris, France. 

Khan justified the incident by arguing that the teacher had blasphemed. The UN Watch Canine reprimanded Imran Khan and said on Twitter that your presence at UNHRC is unbearable. The NGO, in its tweet, lodged a protest in direction of Pakistan citing diverse components along with conversion to Pakistan, assaults on minorities, toddler labor. 

By Umeeka

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