Shiv Sena wrote against BJP, JDU, wrote in the face – if we can learn anything from Trump’s defeat, it will be good

Mumbai: The developments inside the outcomes of the assembly elections in Bihar are presenting a particular picture. Possibly Tejashwi Yadav has not even imagined this sooner than the election. Within the meantime, Donald Trump’s defeat inside the US presidential election has moreover shocked everyone. The Shiv Sena has taken a heavy toll on the JDU and the BJP. Shiv Sena says that India must be taught from the defeat of US President Donald Trump.

Saamana’s editorial reads – President Donald Trump in no way deserved the place of President. The American public corrected its mistake of handing over power to Trump in merely 4 years. He could not fulfill a single promise. If we will likely be taught one thing from Trump’s defeat, it’ll be good. Power has already modified in America. The identical sound is heard in Bihar. Throughout the Bihar Assembly elections, the Nationwide Democratic Alliance led by Nitish Kumar is clearly dropping. Aside from us, there isn’t any such factor as numerous inside the nation and the state – people must work to remove the leaders from this confusion.

JDU and BJP had made various claims regarding Bihar assembly elections, nevertheless, after exit polls, the state of affairs seems to be pretty the choice. Throughout the editorial of the Sena mouthpiece Saamana it has been written that like America, there are indicators of reversal of power in Bihar. The article taunts Modi-Nitish saying that the duo confirmed fear of Jungle Raj in Bihar and launched balloons of lies, nevertheless, every could not stand within the entrance of Tejashwi.

It is value noting that ever as a result of the Shiv Sena and BJP have parted strategies in Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray or his event leaders have not missed any various to speak in opposition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Shiv Sena has attacked BJP on the thought of exit poll and everyone is conscious that there is quite a lot of distinction in developments and outcomes.

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