Questions raised about Pakistan being within the United Nations Human Rights Council

Geneva-based NGO UN Watch fiercely centered on Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan‘s suggestions and Pakistan’s inclusion throughout the UN Human Rights Council. The NGO said that Pakistan’s presence throughout the UN Human Rights Council is unbearable. In accordance with UN Watch, an UN-recognized watchdog, circumstances of discrimination, minority communal violence and compelled conversions with minorities in … Read more

Kamala Harris’s aunt stated – She achieved the place she wished to do

Kamla Harris, who was elected Vice President of the USA, achieved the place she wished to understand, that is to say her aunt Sarla Gopalan. Dr. Sarla congratulated the Democrats on the victory. He talked about, ‘I am a doctor and work in Chandigarh. Kamla has come to meet many situations in Chandigarh and many … Read more

Indian service provider ship trapped in China

Jag-Anand, 23 crew members have been in hassle for five months in China; The situation of many worsens, drugs, and meals are additionally on the verge of ending. Indian service supplier ship Jag-Anand has stood at Jingtank port in China because the closing June. 23 crew members are moreover stranded inside the ship and many them … Read more

‘Major’ and ‘Champ’ to go to White House with Biden, these pets dominated social media

America, the oldest democracy on the earth, has acquired its subsequent president. Biden has to show into President by defeating Donald Trump inside the electoral battle. Joe Biden will now reside as an alternative choice to Trump inside the White Residence, the official residence of the US President. Within the meantime, it is also reported that when Biden … Read more