What Is ATKT?

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What Is ATKT?

In the world of education, acronyms are common, and one that often appears on academic reports and transcripts is “ATKT.” ATKT stands for “Allowed to Keep Term.” It is a term used in the Indian education system and a few other countries to signify that a student is permitted to proceed to the next academic year or semester, despite not meeting the required passing criteria for one or more subjects in their current term. In this blog, we’ll explore the concept of ATKT, its purpose, and how it can provide students with a second chance to excel in their studies.

The Purpose Of ATKT

The ATKT system is designed to offer students a lifeline when they face academic challenges. Its primary purposes are:

  1. Reducing Dropout Rates: ATKT allows students who have performed poorly in certain subjects to continue their education. This can be especially important in higher education, where students may otherwise be forced to discontinue their courses.
  2. Encouraging Academic Improvement: By permitting students to progress to the next level despite some failures, ATKT encourages them to work harder and improve their understanding of the subjects in which they struggled.
  3. Maintaining Academic Continuity: It ensures that students do not have to repeat an entire year or semester due to difficulties in a specific subject. This is particularly beneficial in programs with a fixed duration.
  4. Alleviating Stress: ATKT can reduce the stress and pressure on students by providing them with a second chance to succeed, which can be a significant psychological relief.

The ATKT Process

The process of ATKT typically involves the following steps:

  1. Notification: Institutions notify students about their eligibility for ATKT based on their performance in the exams. Students who have failed in one or more subjects may be allowed to keep term for those subjects.
  2. Conditions: There may be certain conditions and restrictions imposed, such as a limit on the number of subjects in which a student can avail ATKT, or a requirement to pass all previous semesters to proceed further.
  3. Reappearance: Students who are granted ATKT usually have the opportunity to reappear for the failed subjects in supplementary or re-examination sessions. These are usually scheduled within a certain timeframe.
  4. Successful Completion: To progress to the next academic year or semester, students must pass the subjects for which they were allowed to keep term.

Challenges And Criticisms

While ATKT serves an important role, it is not without challenges and criticisms:

  1. Reduced Quality: Some critics argue that ATKT may compromise the quality of education, as it allows students to move forward without mastering the requisite knowledge.
  2. Overuse: In some cases, students may come to rely on ATKT as a fallback rather than making a sincere effort to improve their performance.
  3. Administrative Burden: Managing the ATKT system can be administratively burdensome for educational institutions.
  4. Impact on Learning: ATKT may not always be the most effective way to ensure students genuinely understand the material they need to succeed in their future studies or careers.


ATKT, or “Allowed to Keep Term,” is a valuable provision in the education system, particularly in India, and a few other countries. It offers students a second chance to rectify their academic performance and progress in their education. While it serves a crucial purpose in reducing dropout rates and providing opportunities for improvement, it also comes with challenges and criticisms. Ultimately, the success of ATKT lies in the balance between allowing students to move forward and ensuring they genuinely learn and grasp the subject matter.


What Is Difference Between ATKT And Backlog?

You get a Backlog when you fail in any subject in a semester. The university gives you chance to pass that subject in the preceding semester, by appearing for the exam of that particular subject(s). If you fail again, you get the ATKT. Accumulating 4 ATKTs in total won’t let you go ahead in the next semester.

What Is The Rule Of ATKT?

ATKT (Allowed to keep term) – Commerce (B.Com / BMS / BBI / BAF / BFM) a) A learner shall be allowed to keep term for Semester II irrespective of number heads of failture in the Semester I, b) A learner shall be allowed to keep term for Semester III- if he/she passes in all subjects each of Semester I & Semester II.

What Happens If We Fail In ATKT Exam?

You’ll need to give a back exam of 1st semester subjects in 3rd semester and subjects of 2nd semester in 4th semester. It’s a rule that back paper of odd semester can only be given in next odd semester, same rule applies for even semester exams.

Does ATKT Affect Job?

It does not affect on any thing. You should plan and clear it in the next academic year. In other way, it’s an opportunity for you to score more.

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