Why Must You Pay Your Broadband Bills Timely?

Like any other utility, including water, electricity, etc., a broadband connection has become an integral part of our lives. Especially post-pandemic, the hybrid work culture has increased the necessity for broadband connection. However, to have your best companion by your side 24*7, you must pay broadband bills timely. Late payments can refrain you from internet service and other vital benefits. Furthermore, it puts you under a financial burden. Apart from that, here are several reasons to make a broadband bill payment on time:

Inflation is inevitable and is rising in every sector. So, your focus is on saving as much as possible. But do you know you lose a chunk of your budget every time you make a late broadband bill payment? Yes! You must bear penalty charges if you don’t pay broadband bills before the due date. However, you can save them by setting a bill payment or recharge reminder. 

For instance, to make a Hathway broadband bill payment, you can set a due date reminder using an online bill payment platform like MobiKwik. The reminder helps you stick to your scheduled payment date and refrain from heavy penalties.

  • Improves Credit Ratings:

Credit score or credit rating is not an alien term to you as it impacts your life decisions significantly. A credit score is a measure that represents your creditworthiness. However, late bill payments are recorded in your credit record, which damages your credit score. For example, more than one late payment post 30 days of the due date can drop your credit score by 100 points. 

And needless to say, a negative or poor credit score impacts your loan borrowing or new credit card purchasing capacity. In contrast, making a broadband bill payment on time can improve your credit score and offer you attractive benefits like instant loan approvals, credit card approvals, etc. 

  • No Disconnections:

A broadband connection is crucial every minute, and imagine you lose it due to missed or late payments. For instance, not paying the Hathway broadband bill on time leads to service interruption by the service provider. This disruption may delay your work commitments and cause you inconvenience. However, you can avoid such service disconnections by paying your broadband bill timely.

  • Offers and Discounts:

What if your timely payments can save money for you? Yes! You can get attractive cashback offers and discounts by paying broadband bills timely. You can use the rewards at the time of bill payments and save a handsome amount on the overall outstanding bill.

  • Stress-free Life:

A consistent record of late payments can put you in trouble one day. As mentioned above, it impacts your credit ratings and puts you under financial stress. Moreover, most importantly, it disturbs your mental health. However, you can lead a stress-free life by having a planned approach to money management. Money management teaches you to save money smartly using techniques for expense planning, budget crafting, etc. 

Furthermore, digitally advanced online bill-paying platforms like MobiKwik, also play a crucial role in bill payments. It helps you plan instant and safe broadband online bill payments ahead of time. After all, paying your broadband bills like Hathway broadband bill payment on time offers you the above benefits. 

However, to achieve this, you can follow the below practices to avoid late payments: 

  • Set broadband bill reminders
  • Signup for autopay
  • If possible, prepay your bills


Monthly pending broadband bills increase your debt. Furthermore, following the same practice leads to increased debt, which puts you in a bad financial condition. So, taking preventive measures can include planning your budget wisely by keeping aside monthly broadband bill expenses.